Frequently Asked Questions

    How many passengers can one Donut accommodate? 
One Floating Donut can seat up to 10 guests.

    How many Donuts do you have?
We have three Donuts available Laguna Phuket Canal Village Jetty.

    Can I talk to someone on phone for general inquiries or to make a booking?
Yes, you can call us on +66(0)3062 8238

    How soon should I arrive for my booking? 
You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking so we can give you a safety briefing and explain the features of the Floating Donut.

    Is it safe and suitable for kids?
Our Floating Donut is very stable and safe for kids from the age of 2 onwards. They will have a great time.

    Do I need a boat licence to operate it?
You don’t need a boat licence. The dedicated driver will, however, need a car licence. You may hire your Floating Donut with a private captain for a small extra fee of THB800,-.

    Do I need to have any boating experience?
No. You should just relax and enjoy yourself.

    What do I need to bring?
You don’t need to bring anything except sunscreen and a hat.

    Can I play music from my phone or iPod?
Yes, the Floating Donuts are equipped with a Bluetooth music system and speakers, which can be easily connected to a smart phone wirelessly. Instructions to connect will be available on board.

    What does the price include?
The price includes driving time, BBQ food as ordered, Safety equipment, Cutlery (plates, forks, knives, tissues, glasses), ice cubes and water. Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks are available for purchase.

    Who is doing the BBQ?
We will light the fire and you will do grilling at your own pace. It is very easy.

    Can I stay out longer than the duration the Floating Donut is booked for?
If you are having so much fun you want to extend your trip (and we don’t have another booking) then we will be happy to do so for a small additional fee.

    What happens if I make a booking and the weather is bad?
If the captain decides the weather is too bad to launch the trip at the booked departure time, we may be able to delay your departure subject to availability. If you choose to re-schedule we can do so for a THB500 rebooking fee subject to availability anytime in a one-year window. If you choose not to re-schedule and get a refund, we will deduct 50% of the total booking amount. 

    Are life jackets provided on the Floating Donuts?
Yes. Life jackets are provided. Together with all other safety equipment, they are stored under the seats to comply with Marine Safety Thailand requirements. You will be given a full safety briefing before departure.

    Do I need to clean up?

    Can I fish from the Floating Donut?
No. The Floating Donut is designed to chill and grill. You are not allowed to carry any fishing equipment on board.

    Can I drink alcohol?
The nominated driver can not drink alcohol, but the rest can. We have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase. Please drink in moderation. If our staff decides any passenger is becoming a danger to himself or the boat, we will ask you to return to the dock and the rest of the trip will be forfeit.

    Can I go swimming?
No. Swimming from the Floating Donut is strictly not allowed as it may lead to injury to the person or damage the floating device.

    Are pets allowed?
We love our pets but unfortunately due to safety and government regulations, pets are not allowed on board.

    Who should I contact in case of emergency?
Our staff is fully trained and prepared for any emergency. In case of emergency, please use the walkie-talkie provided on board. Please follow our staff’s instructions fully.

    How do I pay?
You will be required to make full payment by credit card or cash during the time of booking.

    Can I pay cash on the day?
Only walk-in customers can pay cash on the day, subject to availability of the Donuts.

    What happens if I make a booking and my plans change?
We understand that plans can change, therefore we provide our customers with the option to reschedule bookings to another date within a one year window. If a booking is fully cancelled by you, we will deduct 50% of the total amount. Cancelations less than 24h before the cruise will be charged 100%.

    What Is the Boat made of? Is it inflatable?
The boat is made out of High Density Polyethylene, which is a hard plastic compound that floats by itself. It cannot sink, even if full of water. It is very stable and it has passed all the German marine safety standards.

    Does the Boat have a motor?
Yes. The boat has an electric outboard motor of 5 horsepower.

    How fast does the boat go?
It travels up to 10kmh depending on wind and number of people on board. It is designed so that BBQ grilling can take place comfortably while cruising.

    Can I bring my own food?
We are taking care of the food as it is already included in our prices. We use only the highest quality ingredients. Our meat and Seafood are delivered daily from our suppliers.

    Can I bring my own drinks?
Yes, you may bring your own preferred drinks. We will charge a corkage of THB600,- per bottle.

    Do I have to purchase food and beverages?
Our packages include food and table water. You may purchase other beers, wines and more soft drinks on board.

    What if we're part of a large group? Can we use more than one boat?
Absolutely. Each boat can seat 10 guests. We have 3 boats. 

    Are there bathrooms on the boat?
No. We encourage you to take care of business before boarding. Of course, if you have to go, then you have to go – the captain/you can return to the jetty for a toilet break at the Canal Village.

    Do you provide rain gear or ponchos?
We do not provide rain gear due to lack of space. We also do not offer disposable ponchos to better protect the environment. Getting wet is possible and we recommend you prepare accordingly so your experience will be more enjoyable.

    Will I get wet?
Our boats are very safe, but they are subject to other boats manoeuvres that can create waves and spray. All passengers should be prepared. The amount of water depends on weather and water conditions. No seat is guaranteed to be permanently dry but the boat is very stable. Prepare accordingly and you will enjoy the experience.